Welcome to my story

Welcome to my story...

I'm Harrison Tinsel, a 18-year-old who loves photography and videography. How did I get into it, you may ask? Well, let's go back to 2017. My family and I were going for a walk down 90 Mile Beach, and I took my mum's Canon 1300D camera. I was playing around with it, taking plenty of photos. From that day, I basically had my mum's camera with me 24/7. Sorry, Mum, if I was going somewhere, that camera came with me. It got to a point that in 2018, she ended up buying a new camera for herself. She wouldn't share it with me because she thought I'd take another one. That's basically the story of how I got into photography.

Now, for part 2. It got to mid-2019, and I started to figure out how to use the camera's modes, watch YouTube videos, read books on photography, etc. In 2020, I did NCEA level 2 photography, and this was the year I created an Instagram page. In February 2021, I loved how it was all going, so I started to plan to open a photography business. On September 4th, 2021, Harrison's Photography was born.

Now let's skip to now. From 2021, getting 100 views on Instagram to now getting well over 15,000 views per month. And with my own camera gear, I gave all my mom's camera gear back, I promise. Working with four big companies, photographing over 30 events, and lots of weddings and family photoshoots.

I can't wait to share my videography chapter with you, but I'm currently still writing that chapter.

Enough about me I'd love to hear your story, or even better, I'll help you capture it.